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Application Identification incompatible with DSCP Steering

Issue ID: I95-56437
Last Updated: 2024-04-25
Introduced in SSR Version: 5.6.13


The app-id and dscp-steering features are incompatible.

If app-id is configured on a child service (application-name, domain-name, domain-name-category, url, subcategory) and also on the same service a dscp-range list is defined, this triggers a failure state when the configuration is committed, causing the service to be added/modified/removed twice during config processing (ServiceManager + AppIdManager). The commit action fails, and any subsequent service config updates within that failed config are ignored.

The administrator will not be aware of a configuration issue. The only indication of the failure are log messages, as shown below. highway.log

Apr 17 13:59:54.622 [HWMC|SVC ] WARN  (routingAgPoller) ServiceAddException: Failed to Add Service Audio.MicrosoftTeams
Apr 17 13:59:54.622 [HWMC|SVC ] ERROR (routingAgPoller) ServiceManager failed to process config trackers

Release Notes

The app-id and dscp-steering features are incompatible and should not be configured simultaneously; doing so will cause future commits to fail. Strict configuration validation has been added to prevent configuring both features simultaneously.



The potential impact of a software defect if encountered. Severity levels are:

  • Critical: Could severely affect service, capacity/traffic, and maintenance capabilities. May have a prolonged impact to the entire system.
  • Major: Could seriously affect system operation, maintenance, administration and related tasks.
  • Minor: Would not significantly impair the functioning or affect service.




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Juniper may provide a method to temporarily circumvent a problem; workarounds do not exist for all issues.

Disable the service, or delete the offending configuration.