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WAN Assurance Plugin 3.8 Release Notes

Release 3.8.0

Release Date: June 04, 2024

New Features

  • WAN-2632 Display the interface description on MIST UI

Any description configured under the device-interface will be displayed on the WAN Edge view on MIST UI.

  • WAN-2309 Generate an alarm when device fails to register with MIST

A new alarm will be generated when a device is unable to register with the MIST cloud during initial onboarding and will include the failure reason.

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-2839 The show mist command sometimes reports inaccurate status

    Resolution: The logic to detect the connection down state and reason was made more robust to capture additional scenarios.

  • WAN-2842 LTE interface missing tx/rx_bps

    Resolution: The rx/tx bps for interfaces will now average the value across the 3 minute oc-stats window as opposed to sending a single snapshot at time of data collection.

  • WAN-2853 Same interface is reported twice under different names

    Resolution: For conductor managed devices runnning on Juniper branded hardware, the logic now accounts for custom user defined device names for HA sync and HA fabric interfaces.

  • WAN-2991 DHCP pool exhaustion event not being generated

    Resolution: The DHCP pool exhaustion event generation better accounts for the previous event status to accurately generate the event.

  • WAN-3000 Process data collection spamming the logs

    Resolution: The logs were updated to be less aggressive.

  • WAN-3001 TSI collection times out on certain devices

    Resolution: TSI collection is handled more efficiently by limiting the amount of CPU and memory the collection can consume and affording more time for the operation to complete.

  • WAN-3003 For port errors, same value is being reported for both nodes in an HA pair

    Resolution: Each node will report the local error counts for a given port.

  • WAN-3049 Probe up/down events are generated even when the physical WAN port is down

    Resolution: The probe up/down events are suppressed for a physical down port.

  • WAN-3053 Duplicate path add/remove events being generated for HA interfaces

    Resolution: The path add/remove events will be suppressed for fabric interfaces

  • WAN-3072 Path Up events related to Application Path insights have incorrect reason

    Resolution: Remove the reason code from path up events since the previous Path Down will always have the correct reason code.

  • WAN-3077 DHCP pool events are missing the pool name

    Resolution: Add the pool name for DHCP pool events in addition to the DHCP pool udpates.

  • WAN-3104 Duplicate LTE interface with null stats being reported

    Resolution: The logic to detect LTE interfaces for conductor managed whitebox devices was made more robust to handle user configured device names.