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WAN Assurance Plugin 3.6 Release Notes

Release 3.6.4

Release Date: Nov 5, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-1463 CPU and memory reporting causes a spike in CPU usage:

    Resolution: Devised a more efficient collection scheme to minimize the CPU impact when collecting the CPU and memory data.

Release 3.6.3

Release Date: Oct 18, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-1403 Optimize the amount of memory used by the plugin:

    Resolution: The number of telegraf instances were consolidated to reduce the overall memory footprint of the plugin.

  • WAN-1391 High CPU usage during peer path stat collection:

    Resolution: Optimized the peer path data collection on HA routers with large number of peer paths.

  • WAN-1307 The FPM and BFD stats for dynamic interface were not reported consistently:

    Resolution: The FPM and BFD metric samples for the dynamic interfaces are combined before sending to the MIST cloud.

Release 3.6.2

Release Date: Sep 29, 2022

New Features

  • WAN-1138 Report additional information for peer paths

The peer path stats now report the router hop count and the IP address for the peer path as seen by the neighbor.

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-1338 The show mist command shows stale connection status:

    Resolution: The connection status is correctly updated after auth changes and reconnects.

  • WAN-1320 The wan assurance telegraf instances are restarted too frequently:

    Resolution: The telegraf instances are no longer restarted on disconnect.

  • WAN-1322 Control CPU usage incorrectly includes the data core usage:

    Resolution: The control plane CPU utilization excludes the data core usage sent to the MIST cloud.

  • I95-47776 The tank instance for cloud-intel-agent fails to start on certain systems:

    Resolution: The tank instance for CIA handles the startup failures more gracefully.

Release 3.6.1

Release Date: Sep 14, 2022

New Features

  • I95-47639 Report IDP Security Events

When IDP is enabled on the router, the security events are reported to the MIST cloud.