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WAN Assurance Plugin 3.3 Release Notes

Release 3.3.1

New Features

  • WAN-782 Support for automatic detection of custom applications:

The services where all addresses belong to the RFC1918 address space are reported to the MIST backend as custom applications. These custom applications are now visible in the Application Insights page along side other auto-detected applications.

Resolved Issues

  • WAN-658 Duplicate ARP events being generated: The duplicate events were generated every time the connection to the cloud was disrupted. The condition is now handled more gracefully and duplicate events are no longer generated.

  • WAN-618 Releasing SSR from one org to another can result in errors The device will auto-detect a transition from one org to another, eliminating the need to explicitly release and un-release the device. The device, however, still remains in the inventory of the original org which the user can clean up at their convenience.

  • MIST-59532 Peer down alerts are not being reported for HA routers: The correct device-interface name is being used to populate the events for an HA router to prevent the events from being discarded.

  • I95-45173 Newly on-boarded routers were reported as a dummy-router in the MIST inventory: The initial registration process is now delayed until the conductor completes the full reinitialization of the router and the configured router and node names are available.

  • I95-45171 The service-route is not auto-generated when the plugin is enabled by default: The FQDN based service auto-generation has been deprecated and the auto-generation is not required anymore.