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Manage Device Subscriptions

Device Subscriptions Overview

Device subscriptions are used to manage devices in Juniper Security Director Cloud. To manage devices using Juniper Security Director Cloud, you must purchase the device subscription for the required number of devices, add the subscription in Juniper Security Director Cloud, and then associate your devices to the device subscriptions.

For more details about:

  • Subscriptions, see Datasheet. To purchase device subscriptions, contact your sales representative or account manager.

  • Adding subscriptions to Juniper Security Director Cloud, see Add a Subscription.

Associate Your Devices with Subscriptions

Before associating your devices with subscriptions, ensure that:

  • You have valid device subscriptions. Contact your sales representative or account manager to purchase device subscriptions.

  • You added the purchased device subscriptions in Juniper Security Director Cloud. See Add a Subscription.

  1. Select SRX > Device Management > Devices.

    For devices that are not associated with subscriptions, the Subscriptions column displays No subscription.

    The Devices page opens

  2. Select the devices, and click Manage Subscriptions.
    You can select maximum 50 devices to manage subscriptions of multiple devices simultaneously. The selected devices must belong to the same product series and have the same subscription type. You can find the subscription type on the Administration > Subscription page.
    The Manage Subscriptions page opens.
  3. Choose the device subscriptions from the Subscription dropdown list.

    The Subscription dropdown list is a dynamic list that contains generic subscriptions and subscriptions that are compatible with the selected devices along with trial subscriptions.

    After associating your devices with subscription, you cannot remove the subscriptions. You can transfer the subscriptions to another device. Device subscriptions are freed up when you delete the devices from the Devices page.

  4. Click OK.

The devices are associated with the device subscriptions.

You can view the details of the device subscriptions on the SRX > Device Management > Devices page.