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Add Subscriptions

After you purchase your Juniper Security Director Cloud subscription, you must add it to your account.

  • You will receive a subscription renewal e-mail notification 90 days before a subscription expires. After that, you will receive a renewal e-mail notification once every week until 30 days before the expiry date.

  • You will receive a subscription renewal e-mail notification every day starting 30 days before the subscription expires.

  • You will receive a subscription renewal e-mail notification every day during grace period of 30 days after the subscription expires.

  • For a trial account, if the device subscription is not renewed within the grace period of 30 days after trial period is over, all the data for that organization will be deleted.

  • When all the purchased subscriptions are expired and grace-period is also over, the storage logs will be deleted.

  1. Log in to Juniper Security Director Cloud.
  2. Click Administration > Subscriptions.

    The Subscriptions page opens.

    If you have not added any subscriptions to your account, you will see a message along with an option to add your subscriptions.

  3. Click Add Subscriptions.

    The Add New Subscriptions page opens.

  4. Configure the following:
    • Name—A descriptive name for the subscription.

    • SSRN—The software support reference number of the subscription you received in your email.

    If you purchased multiple subscriptions, click +, and enter the details of the subscriptions.

  5. Click OK.

Juniper Security Director Cloud verifies the SSRN and activates the subscriptions. The Subscription page opens displaying the newly added subscriptions.

Next, review your subscription details, such as activation state, expiration date, number of devices that you can subscribe to with this subscription, and so on.