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Create a Device Group

You can group devices logically to deploy and to manage configurations on the devices.

You can group only devices with the Discovery Not Initiated as the Management Status.

  1. Click SRX > Device Management > Devices.

    The Devices page opens.

  2. Click the Device Groups tab.
  3. Click +.

    The Create Device Group page opens.

  4. Configure the following fields:
    • Name—Enter a unique name for the device group containing maximum 63 characters without spaces. The name must begin with an alphanumeric character and can also contain special characters such as colons, hyphens, forward slashes, periods, and underscores.

    • Description—Enter a description for the device group containing maximum 900 alphanumeric characters. The description can also contain special characters except ampersand, lesser than sign, greater than sign, or an empty line.

    • Devices—Select the devices in the left table and click > to move to the right table and assign them to the device group.

  5. Click OK.
Juniper Security Director Cloud creates a group of the selected devices lists thee group on the Device Groups tab of the Devices page.