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Create a Preprovision Profile

Preprovision profiles contain a predefined set of policies that Juniper Security Director Cloud deploys on devices while onboarding.

After you adopt a physical device, Juniper Security Director Cloud triggers the discovery process and deploys minimal configuration to the device and changes the status of the device to In Sync. Then Juniper Security Director Cloud verifies if a preprovision profile is mapped to the device and deploys the corresponding policies on the device.

You can select only devices with Discovery Not Initiated as the Management Status to include in the preprovisioned profile.

  1. Click SRX > Device Management > Devices.

    The Devices page opens.

  2. Click the Preprovision Profiles tab.
  3. Click Preprovision Devices.

    The Preprovision Devices page opens.

  4. Enter a unique name for the preprovision profile with a maximum of 29 characters in Preprovision profile name.
  5. In the Devices tab, select the devices and device groups to include in the preprovisioned profile.
  6. Click the Configuration Templates tab.
  7. Select the configuration templates to deploy on the devices and device groups.
  8. Optional: Click Configure Parameters to configure the template.

    The Configure Parameters page opens.

  9. Configure the following types configuration template parameters:
    • Global

    • Device-level

    The parameters of the configuration template are dynamic and depend on the selected template. See Add a Configuration Template for an explanation of the parameters.

  10. Click the SRX Policies tab.
  11. Select the SRX policies to deploy on the devices.
  12. Click OK.

Juniper Security Director Cloud creates a preprovision profile to deploy on the devices and device groups during onboarding. It lists the preprovision profiles in the Preprovision Profiles tab of the Devices page.

Hover your cursor over the numbers depicting the number of objects configured in the profile to view the objects.