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Configure Device Details for Inband Flow Analyzer Devices

You can access the IFA Devices page from Configuration>Data Ingest>Settings. In the Ingest Settings page, click the IFA Devices menu.

In Paragon Automation, you can assign device specific details, such as device name and device ID, for the Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) devices. Paragon Automation maps the device names to their respective device ID. The device ID you enter corresponds to the device ID in the Junos device configuration you earlier completed to enable IFA.

Monitoring the end-to-end path of IFA devices in a flow is more human readable. You can view the device name you configure in the IFA Devices page instead of the device ID. Paragon Automation displays this name as node_name in the time series database field table.

To assign a name to an IFA device:

  1. Click the add icon (+).
    The Create IFA Device page appears.
  2. Enter the device ID.

    Ensure that the device ID matches the device ID you entered for IFA devices. See IFA 2.0 Probe for Real-Time Monitoring for more information.

  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Click Save to only save the configuration.

      Paragon Automation saves the configuration to assign a name to the device but you cannot view the device name while monitoring the complete path of the IFA probe packets.

    2. Click Save and Deploy saves and deploys the configuration. You can see the device name you configured as node_name in the complete path of the IFA probe packets.
      View the complete path of IFA probe packets in a flow using Grafana. See Grafana Overview for more information.