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Bring Your Own Ingest Default Plug-in Workflow

You can use default plugins to measure metrics that are unique to your network. To load a default plug-in, you require at least Paragon Automation Release 21.3. After you load the default plug-in, it is listed in the Default Plugins tab of the BYOI Plugins page. All default plug-ins must be mapped to existing or new device groups. Ensure that you deploy playbook instances on the device groups mapped to the plug-in ingest. Custom plug-ins do not support the default rules, playbooks, and device groups in Paragon Automation. Therefore, you should write your own rules and playbooks and add a device group for the custom ingest plugin.
The following tasks comprise the end-to-end workflow to use the BYOI default plug-in:
  1. Load the default plug-in to the Paragon Insights server. See Load BYOI Default Plug-ins.
  2. Create an instance of the plug-in you earlier loaded. See Configure Bring Your Own Ingest Default Plug-in Instances.
  3. Map the plug-in instance to sensors and device groups that can then use the plug-in. See Configure Ingest Mapping for Default BYOI Plug-in Instances.
  4. Add the default plug-in as a sensor in a rule. See Configure a Custom Rule in Paragon Automation GUI.
  5. Add the rule to a playbook. See Create a Playbook Using the Paragon Insights GUI.
  6. Deploy a playbook instance. See Manage Playbook Instances.