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Configure Bring Your Own Ingest Default Plug-in Instances

Configure a new instance of the default Bring Your Own Ingest (BYOI) plug-in you earlier loaded.

To add an instance for the default plug-in:

  1. Click Configuration>Data Ingest>Settings.
    The Ingest Settings page appears.
  2. Click the BYO Ingest Plugins tab.

    If you loaded the default plug-in, you can see its name as a tab in the Default Plugins page.

    For example, you can see a tab named Tlive-Kafka-oc in the Default Plugins page.

  3. Click + New Instance in Tlive-Kafka-oc tab.
    The Add a tlive-kafka-oc Instance page appears.
  4. Enter details as described in Table 1.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save—Save your ingest mapping but do not deploy the instance. You can use this option when you are making several changes and want to deploy all your updates at the same time later.
    • Click Save and Deploy—Save and deploy the configuration.
    Paragon Automation creates an instance for the BYOI plugin and deploys the configuration. The plug-in can now send telemetry data from an external source to Paragon Automation.
    Table 1: Fields on the Add a Default-Plugin-Name Instance Page
    Field Description

    Enter the name of the default plug-in instance.

    You can enter a name that follows the regular expression '^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$' with maximum 64 characters.

    For example, t1 as name for an instance of Tlive-kafka-oc plug-in.

    Brokers Enter one or more broker names separated by commas.

    The default Kafka broker is healthbot.

    (Optional) Topics

    Enter healthbot as the topic to which the plugin subscribes.

    SASL Username Enter the username for authentication.

    You can enter a name that follows the regular expression '^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$' with maximum 64 characters.


    Enter a password that has 6 to 128 characters long.

    The password must contain a combination of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters. Paragon Automation supports all keyboard special characters such as comma, asterisk, ampersand and so on.

    CA Profile Name Enter the name of the trusted certificate authority.
    Local Certificate Profile Name Enter the name of the self-signed certificate you created for Paragon Automation.
    Skip Certification Chain and Host Verification Toggle the switch on if you want to skip verifying the integrity of the CA certificate.

    The connection between the ingest plug-in and the external data source is encrypted even if you skip verification of the certificate.

After you complete configuring the BYOI plug-in instance, you must map the default plug-in instance to existing device groups.