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Maintenance Event Overview

You can schedule maintenance events for network elements (nodes, links, or facilities), so that you can perform updates or other configuration tasks.

A maintenance event is a planned downtime which occurs at a scheduled future date and time. During a scheduled maintenance event, the selected elements are considered logically down, and Paragon Automation reroutes the LSPs around those elements.

Note: Paragon Automation only attempts to reoptimize PCE-initiated and PCC-delegated LSPs (not PCC-controlled LSPs). PCC-controlled LSPs are not rerouted to avoid scheduled maintenance events.

The maintenance event that you add is listed under the Maintenance tab on the Topology page. You can view the progress of the maintenance event from its status. A maintenance event can have one of the following status:

  • Planned—Event is scheduled some time in the future.

  • Completed—Event is completed.

  • In Progress—Event is in progress.

  • Canceled—The scheduled event has been canceled.

After the maintenance event is completed, by default, all LSPs that were affected by the event are optimized again and several maintenance reports are generated that can be viewed from Reports > Maintenance > Report-Name page.

You can view, add, simulate, edit, cancel, or delete the scheduled maintenance events for network elements from the Maintenance tab of the network information table (Network > Topology). Hover over the More Tabs list and select Maintenance. When a network element (node, link, or facility) is undergoing a maintenance event, it appears on the topology map with an red M (for maintenance).

Note: You cannot delete a maintenance event that is in progress. You can, however, cancel one. You might want to cancel an event rather than delete it if you think you will reactivate it later, possibly with modifications.