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Configuration Templates Workflow

The high-level workflow for configuration templates is as follows:

  1. You can use a pre-existing template (skip to step 2) or create a new template using one of the following methods:

  2. (Optional) We recommend that you preview and validate the configuration template before assigning the configuration template to a device template or deploying the configuration template directly on a device. For more information, see Preview and Render a Configuration Template.

  3. You can assign a configuration template to a device template from the Device Templates page. This enables you to deploy additional configuration on the device during zero touch provisioning (ZTP) or during device discovery. and after the device is onboarded. For more information, see Deploy a Configuration Template to a Device.

  4. You can deploy a configuration template directly on one or more devices that were previously activated, which enables you to deploy templates that were added after a device was activated or to deploy additional configuration to devices. You can deploy configuration templates to devices from the Configuration TemplatesFor more information, see Assign Configuration Templates to a Device Template.