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About the External EMS Page

An external element management system (EMS) refers to a software such as Contrail Service Orchestration, Junos Space Security Director, or any other open source software with EMS capabilities, that can be integrated with Paragon Automation. When you integrate an External EMS with Paragon Automation, the devices managed by the External EMS are added to Paragon Automation and you can manage those devices by using Paragon Automation.

You can use this feature when you already have an EMS application managing your devices and you plan to use Paragon Automation for managing devices going forward.

To access this page, click Administration > External EMS.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Filter Entries—Filter the table entries by adding new filtering criteria.

    Hover over the Filter (funnel) icon and select Add Filter. On the Add Criteria page, select the filtering criteria from the Field and Condition list, and enter the text to be compared in the Value field. Click Add.

    The filtered table entries are listed and the filter criteria name is displayed above the table column names.

    You can click the cross (X) icon (next to the filter name) to remove the filtering criteria.

    • You can add multiple filtering criteria. Once you add the multiple filtering criteria, you can select the And condition to display the entries matching all the filtering criteria or select the Or condition to display the entries matching any one of the filtering criteria.

    • Quick filter: Save the filtering criteria as quick filters. Once you have added all the filtering criteria, you can save a particular criteria or multiple criteria for future use by clicking Save.

      On the Save Filter window, enter a name for the filter, optionally toggle the Set as Default button if you want to use this filtering criteria by default, and click OK.

      The saved filters are displayed under Quick Filters when you hover over the Filter (funnel) icon. You can then apply these saved filters to the table entries.

  • Show/Hide Columns—Choose to show or hide a specific column in the table.

    Hover over the More Options (vertical ellipsis) > Show/Hide Columns and select the Column-Name check box of the columns you want to display in the table.

  • Reset Preference—Reset the displayed columns to the default set of columns for each tab in the table.

    Hover over the More Options (vertical ellipsis) and select Reset Preference.

  • Sort Entries—Click the column name to highlight the up and down arrows next to the column name. Sort the table entries in ascending or descending order of that column by clicking the up or down arrow respectively.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 lists the fields on the External EMS page.

Table 1: Fields on the External EMS Page




The External EMS application.

Server Address

The IPv4 address to access the External EMS application.


The username to log in to the External EMS application.


The parameters such as client ID and client secret configured for connecting with the External EMS application.