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Add an External EMS

Only an administrator or a user with privileges to add an External EMS application can add an External EMS application to Paragon Automation.

Before you add an External EMS to Paragon Automation, ensure that you have an account created in the EMS application. To add the external EMS application to Paragon Automation, you need to provide the credentials of your account in the external EMS application.

To add an external EMS to Paragon Automation:

  1. Click Administration >External EMS in the left navigation menu.

    The External EMS page appears.

  2. Enter values referring to Table 1.
  3. Click OK.

    A message indicating whether the External EMS application was successfully added or not is displayed. The External EMS application is listed on the External EMS page if the operation is successful.

Table 1 lists the fields on the Add External EMS page.

Table 1: Fields on the Add External EMS Page




Select the External EMS application that you want to integrate with Paragon Automation from the list. ATOM is the only supported external EMS in Paragon Automation.

Server Address

Enter the IPv4 address to access the External EMS application.


Enter the username to log in to the External EMS application.


Enter the password to log in to the External EMS application.


Add parameters, such as client ID and client secret, for connecting with the External EMS application.

To add the parameters, click the Add icon (+) provided in the Parameters field and enter the parameter and corresponding value in the text fields that appear. Add more parameters by clicking the Add (+) icon.