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Upgrade to Paragon Automation Release 23.2

You cannot directly upgrade an earlier release of Paragon Automation to Release 23.2. You must install Release 23.2 afresh.
However, in order to migrate your current Release 23.1 configuration to Release 23.2, you can use the back up and restore functionality as described in this topic.

You cannot custom select applications to be backed up and restored. You can back up and restore only a preconfigured and fixed set of applications and administrations settings for each component, See Backup and Restore for a complete list of applications that can be backed up.

Before You Upgrade:

Upgrade your current release of Paragon Automation to Release 23.1. For information on how to upgrade your current release to Release 23.1, see Upgrade to Paragon Automation Release 23.1.

Upgrade from Release 23.1 to Release 23.2

  1. Log in to the primary node of your Release 23.1 cluster.
  2. Check for any errors in the pods using the script.

    Your pods are healthy, if your output contains the "No errors found in pods." message.

  3. Execute the –backup backup script.
  4. Search for the backup source in the Backup Report and navigate to that directory and verify that the files are present.
  5. Install a Paragon Automation Release 23.2 cluster.

    If you are using the config.yml file of your older release of Paragon Automation to install Release 23.2, ensure that you comment out kubernetes_master_address in the file.

  6. Log in to one of the primary nodes.
  7. Check for any errors in the pods using the script.
  8. Execute the backup script to create a dummy back up of your 23.2 configuration.
  9. Search for the back up data directory in the back up report, navigate to the data directory and rename the Release 23.2 backup file.
  10. Copy the Release 23.1 backup data to the Release 23.2 backup data directory.
  11. Get your MGD container name:
  12. Execute the restore script on a Release 23.2 primary node.
  13. Find the restore pod in common namespace.
  14. Check the logs from the restore pod.
  15. Follow the logs and refresh the output looking for Restore Complete towards the end of the logs.
  16. Log in to the paragon Automation Release 23.2 UI and verify the restored data.