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Upgrade to Paragon Automation Release 23.1

You can upgrade to Paragon Automation Release 23.1 from Releases 22.1 and 22.1.0-SP2.

If your installed version is Paragon Automation Release 21.3, we recommend that you upgrade to Release 22.1 and then upgrade that to Release 23.1.

If your installed version is Paragon Automation Release 21.2, you cannot upgrade to Paragon Automation Release 23.1. You must install Paragon Automation Release 23.1 afresh.

Before You Upgrade:

  • Verify that the control host and cluster nodes meet the preparation prerequisites described in Installation Prerequisites on Ubuntu or Installation Prerequisites on CentOS as required.
  • (Optional) Back up the config-dir directory on your control host to an alternate directory or to a remote location. The config-dir contains the inventory, config.yml, and id_rsa files for your current Release 22.1 setup. If the upgrade fails, you can reinstall your current setup with the same installation configuration files. See Back Up the Control Host.
  • (Optional) Back up your current Release 22.1 configuration. If the upgrade fails, you can restore your current deployment from the backed-up configuration. See Back Up the Configuration.

Upgrade from Release 22.1 to Release 23.1

  1. Log in to the control host. You can use the same host that you used to install Release 22.1.
  2. Download the Release 23.1 files to a download folder on the control host.
    Make the run script executable by using the chmod +x run command.
  3. Initialize the new configuration folder. You can use the same folder name that you did for Release 22.1, as long as you backed up the contents of the folder to another location. For the purpose of this topic, we will use the same folder name, config-dir.
    # ./run -c config-dir init
  4. Run the inv command to input information into the inventory file. Use the same IP addresses of the primary and worker nodes as you did for your current Release 22.1 setup.
    # ./run -c config-dir inv
  5. Copy the private key that you generated while installing the SSH server during the cluster node preparation process to the config-dir directory, where the inventory file is saved.
  6. Configure the installer using the conf command.

    Enter the same configuration values as you did for your current Release 22.1 setup.


    If you choose to manually edit the config.yml file, ensure that the format of the ingress_vip is a list of IP addresses. For example:

  7. (Optional) If you have configured Open Distro in your 22.1 setup, manually edit the config.yml file to add the following lines.
  8. Install the Release 23.1 Paragon Automation cluster.
  9. Log in to the worker nodes.

    Use a text editor to configure the following recommended information for Paragon Insights in the limits.conf and sysctl.conf files.

    1. Edit the /etc/security/limits.conf file.
    2. Edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file.

    Repeat this step for all worker nodes.

  10. Open a browser, and enter in the URL field either the hostname of the main Web application or the VIP address of the ingress controller that you configured in of the installation wizard.
    For example, https://vip-of-ingress-controller-or-hostname-of-main-web-application. The Paragon Automation login page appears.
  11. Log in using admin as the username and the previously configured password for Release 22.1.
    The Dashboard page appears. You've successfully upgraded and logged in to the Paragon Automation UI.
  12. Update the URL to access the Paragon Automation UI in Administration > Authentication > Portal Settings to ensure that the activation e-mail sent to users for activating their account contains the correct link to access the GUI. For more information, see Configure Portal Settings.

Upgrade Failure Scenario

If upgrade fails and you are unable to install Release 23.1, you must reinstall Release 22.1 to restore operations. Use one or both of the following options to restore the cluster.

  • You can use the backed-up config-dir files to reinstall the previously operational cluster.

  • You can restore the cluster data if you previously backed up Release 22.1 configuration.

For Paragon Automation Release 23.1, you cannot restore a backed up configuration from releases earlier than Release 22.1.0-SP2. To use the restore operation an upgraded Release 23.1 cluster, we recommend that you:

  1. Upgrade your current Paragon Automation cluster to Paragon Automation Release 22.1.0-SP2.

  2. Back up the Release 22.1.0-SP2 configuration.

  3. Upgrade the Release 22.1.0-SP2 cluster to Release 23.1.

  4. Restore the backed up configuration.