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Configure a Retention Policy

You can use the Paragon Automation graphical user interface (GUI) to configure a retention policy for time series data that is used for root cause analysis (RCA).

Retention policy is the amount of time the root cause analysis (RCA) data is retained in the RCA database. By default, data is retained for seven days.

The following default retention policies are available in Paragon Automation:

  • CTRL_DAILY_ROLLUP_RETENTION—Defines for how long the daily rollup data can be stored; default is 1000 days.

  • CTRL_HOURLY_ROLLUP_RETENTION—Defines for how long the hourly rollup data can be stored; default is 180 days.

  • CTRL_RAW_RETENTION—Defines for how long the raw data can be stored; default is 14 days.

To configure a retention policy:

  1. Click Configuration > Insights Settings.

    The Insights Settings page is displayed.

  2. Click the Retention Policy tab to view the Retention Policy Settings page.
  3. Click (+) icon to add a retention policy.
  4. Enter the following information:
    Table 1: Configure Retention Policy




    Enter a name for the retention policy.


    Enter the duration, in hours or days, for the retention policy.

    For example, 1 day is entered as 1d or 24h.

  5. Click Save to only save the configuration.

    Click Save and Deploy to save and deploy the configuration immediately.

    You can now apply the retention policy to a device group.