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Load BYOI Default Plug-ins

To load a default bring your own ingest (BYOI) plug-in in Paragon Automation, we recommend that you have a multinode installation of Paragon Automation in proof of concept and production systems. You can enter the commands to load your BYOI default plug-in on your server that hosts the Paragon Automation application.
  1. Log into the primary node of the Paragon Automation using your server credentials.
  2. Enter cd /var/local/healthbot.
  3. Enter ./healthbot list-plugins -d.
    This command lists the loaded default plug-ins.
  4. Enter sudo ./healthbot -v load-plugin -n plugin-name
    This command loads a BYOI plug-in. For example, ./healthbot -v load-plugin -n tlive_kafka_oc.
    An authentication prompt appears.
  5. Enter the GUI login credentials of Paragon Automation.
    A CLI message confirms that the plug-in is successfully loaded.
  6. Login to Paragon Automation GUI and click Configuration>Data Ingest>Settings>BYO Ingest Plugins to verify that the plugin is visible in the GUI.
    You can see the loaded default plug-in listed in the Default Plugins page.
After the plug-in is successfully loaded, you must create an instance of the default plug-in in the Paragon Automation GUI and map the instance to existing device groups.