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Configure Ingest Mapping for Default BYOI Plug-in Instances

For default ingest plug-ins, you must configure the sensors and device groups that can use the plug-in.

To configure the ingest mappings for a default plug-in:

  1. Go to Configuration > Data Ingest > Settings > BYOI Plugins.
    The Ingest Settings page appears.
  2. Click +New Mapping in the Ingest Mapping tab.
    The Add a New Ingest Mapping page appears.

    You can configure multiple ingest mappings for the same default plug-in.

  3. Enter the details as described in Table 1.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Save—Save your ingest mapping but do not deploy the updated configuration. You can use this option when, for example, you are making several changes and want to deploy all your updates at the same time later.

    • Save & Deploy—Save the ingest mapping configuration and deploy the configuration in your production environment.

    You can use BYOI ingest in rules after you configure the ingest mapping for a default plug-in.

    Table 1: Attributes in Add a New Ingest Mapping Page
    Attributes Description


    Enter a name for the ingest mapping.

    You can enter a name that follows the regular expression '^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$' with maximum 64 characters.

    The name is an instance identifier of the ingest mapping.

    Sensor Type

    Select the type of sensor to be used for the plug-in from the list.

    Plugin Name

    Enter the name of the default ingest plug-in instance.

    Constraint to Device Groups

    Select device groups from the list. The ingest and sensor mapping is applied to only the selected device groups.