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Add User Groups

To add a user group:

  1. Click Administration > User Management > User Group.

    The User Groups page appears.

  2. Click the Add (plus) icon.

    The Create User Group page appears.

  3. Configure values by following the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

    A confirmation message indicating that the user group is successfully created appears and the user group is listed on the User Groups page.

Table 1 displays the fields on the Add User Groups page.

Table 1: Fields on the Add User Groups Page
Field Description

User Group Name

Enter a name for the user group. The name can contain alphanumeric characters, underscore, period, and space; 32-characters maximum.

Provider Type

Select whether the user group should be created in Paragon Automation or referred from an LDAP server.


If you select LDAP, ensure that you have the LDAP server already configured in Paragon Automation; see Configure LDAP Settings

Mapping Provider Group

If you select LDAP for Provider Type, select the user group or a member from the LDAP server for whom you want to assign the roles.


Assign roles to the user group by selecting the roles in the left column and clicking > . The selected roles are moved to the right column and assigned to the user group.


If you select Local for Provider Type, select the users and click > to assign roles to the selected users.

For users in the local user group, you can provide different roles for different users by selecting the required roles for specific users. For example, user A and user B in a local user group can be assigned the admin and operator role respectively. This assignment is possible if you add user A to the user group and select the sp-admin role from the roles assigned to the user group. Similarly, to assign sp-operator role to user B, add user B to the user group and select the sp-operator role from the roles assigned to the user group .


For user groups in LDAP server, the selected roles apply to all the users in the group.