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Configure LDAP Settings

To configure LDAP settings in Paragon Automation:

  1. Click Administration > Authentication > LDAP Settings in the left navigation menu.

    The LDAP Settings page appears.

  2. Configure LDAP by referring to Table 1.
  3. Click Save.

    LDAP is configured in Paragon Automation.

Table 1 describes the attributes in the LDAP configuration settings.

Table 1: LDAP Configuration Settings



LDAP Server

Server Address

Enter the LDAP server URL.

For example,


Click to enable or disable SSL for communication between Paragon Automation and the LDAP server.

SSL Certificate

If you enable SSL, enter or browse for the SSL certificate.

Port Number

Enter the port number for connecting with the LDAP server.

The default port number if SSL is enabled is 636 and without SSL is 389.

Click Test Connection to test the connection with the LDAP server. The server address and port number are configured correctly if you receive a message indicating that the connection with the LDAP server is successful.

LDAP Authentication

Authentication Method

The authentication method for the LDAP server. It is set to Simple and cannot be edited.

Base Domain Name

Enter the domain name that constitutes the search base for querying the LDAP server.

For example: dc=mycompany, dc=net/com.

Bind Domain Name

Enter the user name configured for LDAP authentication.

For example:

Bind Password

Enter the password for LDAP authentication.

Click the Test Authentication button to test LDAP authentication settings. The LDAP settings are correct if you receive a message indicating that the LDAP settings is successfully authenticated.

User Options (Optional)

User Attribute

Specify the username attribute used for comparing user entries in the LDAP server. The default is sAMAccountName.

User Filter

Specify the attribute to filter data retrieved from LDAP.

The default value is objectClass=person.