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About the Health Reports Page

To view this page, go to Reports > Health Reports.

You can view health reports generated for device groups and network groups on the Health Reports page. These reports include alarm statistics, device or network health data, as well as device-specific information (such as hardware and software specifications).

The reports displayed in this page are configured through report settings, scheduler settings, and destination settings on the Ingest Settings page.

You can click Refresh on the Health Reports page to refresh the page and to display the latest health reports. You can also enable Auto Refresh and specify the refresh rate in seconds to automatically load new reports.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks on this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields on the Health Reports.

Table 1: Fields on the Health Reports Page
Fields Description
Report Id Unique ID generated automatically for a report.
Group Name Name of the device and network groups to which the report is applied.
Report Name Name of the report, which you configure in the report profile.
Scheduler Name Name of the scheduler(s) selected in the report profile.
Generated On The day, date, month, and time (24-hour format) when the report is generated.