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Use the Self Test Tool

You can refer to the following usage notes to get a better understanding of the features in the self-test tool.

  • Currently this feature supports simulating devices to stream data for OpenConfig telemetry and iAgent (NETCONF).

  • You can retain the self-test instance to act as a ‘running reference’, as noted above.

  • The color coding for the test results is as follows:

    • Green = pass

    • Yellow = error (unable to test)

    • Red = fail

    • Any items with yellow or red status will include a message with more detail about the issue.

  • Do not use the self-test tool when there are undeployed changes, as the self-test tool issues its own deploy during execution.

  • Do not use rules, playbooks, devices, device-groups or other elements created by the self-test tool with real network devices.

To use the self-test tool:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration > Data Ingest > Diagnostics page from the left navigation panel, and select the Application tab.
  2. Select the desired sensor type(s) from drop-down menu.
  3. (Optional) Enable the Retain Test Topology button.

    If you enable the Retain Test Topology button, the self-test device and device groups are retained in Device page and Device Group Configuration page, respectively. If you disable the button, the self-test resources are auto-deleted when the test is completes.

  4. Click the Test button.
  5. After a few moments, the test results appear.

    The example above shows that OpenConfig and iAgent sensors are working as expected.