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Use the No-Data Tool

You can refer to the following usage notes to get a better understanding of the features in the no-data tool.

  • The tool runs through the entire sequence of checks, regardless of any issues along the way.

  • The test results provide root cause information and advise where to focus your troubleshooting efforts.

  • While this feature is generally intended to debug a device when it is marked as no-data, you can use it any time to verify that deployed rules are receiving data.

  • This tool does not support rules using a syslog sensor, as the sensor data is event driven and not periodic.

  • The color coding for the test results is as follows:

    • Green = pass

    • Yellow = error (unable to test)

    • Red = fail

    • Any items with yellow or red status will include a message with more detail about the issue.

To access the tool:

    • On any topic in network health page, click a “no data” tile.

    • Or, navigate to the Configuration > Data Ingest > Diagnostics page from the left navigation panel, and select the No Data tab.

  1. In the No Data Settings page, select the desired device group, device, topic, and one or more rules from the drop-down menu.

    Only device, device group, and topic name are mandatory criteria. Rules are optional.

  2. Click the Test button.
  3. After a few moments, the test results appear.

    The example above shows that all criteria are working as expected.