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About the Changes Submitted Page

To access this page, click Configure > Change Management > Change Requests.

Use the Changes Submitted page to take appropriate actions on the changes submitted such as approve, deny, update, edit, and delete.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 1 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Changes Submitted page.

Table 1: Fields on the Changes Submitted Page



Request Name

Name of the change submit request.

Click the request name to view the following information:

  • Summary of changes

  • Delta of changes

  • Compare the changes between change requests

  • List of affected devices


Specifies the status of the change request such as, pending, approved, denied, updated, in progress, and update failed.


Specifies the priority of the change request and helps approvers prioritize reviews of their outstanding tickets.


Specifies if the policy has any dependencies with other policies. If a change request depends on other change requests, this column contains a link to view the dependencies. For example, a rule is added in CR1. The same rule is then modified in a subsequent change request, CR2. CR2 is now dependent on CR1 (CR1 is a dependency of CR2).

Approval Due Date

Specifies the date by which the requestor is asking the approver to complete the review of the change request.

Policy Name

Specifies the name of the policy for which the change request has been created.

Service Type

Specifies the service type of the policy. For example: Firewall, NAT

Ticket Number

Specifies the ticket number. This information helps in correlating the change request to an item in the customer’s ticketing system. Note that more than one change request could map to a ticket and could involve changes to multiple policies.


Specifies the description of the change request. This field is autopopulated from the comments the user enters while saving changes to the policy. If user performs multiple saves, this field is populated with a concatenated list of all saved comments.

Created By

Specifies the name of the requester.