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Configuring Floors

You can refine the a building location and designate floors within the building. Use the Add Floor page to:

  • Name a floor

  • Note the floor level

  • Upload a floor plan for viewing

  • View an uploaded floor plan

This topic describes:

How to Add or Edit a Floor

Within each building you can define the number of floors and attach the floor plan for online viewing.

  1. Click the Build Mode icon in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select Location View from the list in the View pane.
  3. If you want to add a floor to a building:
    1. Select the building in the network tree to which you want to add floors, for example, Headquarters.

      The Tasks pane refreshes to show your selected building and the available tasks for the building.

    2. Click Add Floor in the Tasks pane to add a new floor to the building.
  4. If you want to edit an existing floor definition:
    1. Select the floor within the building, for example, Lobby-Floor 1.

      The Tasks pane refreshes to display the selected building floor and the available tasks that you can perform at the floor node.

    2. Click Edit Floor in the Tasks pane to open the Edit Floor page.
  5. Fill in the fields for the floor name and level.
  6. (Optional) Upload an image of the floor plan.
  7. (Optional) View the floor plan, if available.
  8. Click Done to submit the information and to refresh the network tree.

Adding or Editing a Building Floor for a Location

To add or change information about a building floor, use the fields in Table 1.

Table 1: Floor Field Descriptions



Floor Name

Type the name of the floor. This field is required.

Floor Level

Use the arrow keys to set the floor number.


Upload a image of the floor plan.


View an existing floor plan.


Saves the floor configuration information, and returns you to Device Inventory page in the default view.


Discards any configuration changes.