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Creating and Managing Satellite Software Upgrade Groups

A satellite software upgrade group is a group of satellite devices that are designated to upgrade to the same satellite software version using the same satellite software package. One Junos Fusion can contain multiple software upgrade groups, and multiple software upgrade groups must be configured in most Junos Fusions to avoid network downtimes during satellite software installations.

In Network Director, you select a fusion fabric and create a software upgrade group. The software upgrade group can contain one or more satellite devices. When a satellite device is added to a Junos Fusion, the aggregation device checks whether the satellite device or the FPC ID that is used by the satellite device is included in the satellite software upgrade group that is assigned to the Fusion system. If it is, the device—unless it is already running the same version of satellite software—upgrades its satellite software using the satellite software associated with the satellite software upgrade group.

When the satellite software package associated with an existing satellite software group is changed, the satellite software for all member satellite devices is upgraded using a throttled upgrade. The throttled upgrade ensures that only a few satellite devices are updated at a time to minimize the effects of a traffic disruption caused by too many satellite devices upgrading software simultaneously.

You can create and manage software upgrade groups from the Manage Software Upgrade Groups page. After you create a software image group, you can open the Deploy Images to Devices page and select a satellite software image for each software upgrade group and use the Select Options tab to set the date and time when the upgrade must be performed.

To access the Manage Software Upgrade Groups page:

  1. Select the fusion fabric in the View pane for which you want to create a software upgrade group.

  2. Click Deploy in the Network Director banner.

  3. In the Tasks pane, select Image Management > Manage Software Upgrade Group.

    The Software Upgrade Groups page opens in the main window. The table lists the software upgrade groups that exist for the selected fabric, if any.


    This task is available only if you select a fabric in the View pane.

You can perform the following tasks from the Manage Software Upgrade Groups page:

Create a Software Upgrade Group

To create a software upgrade group:

  1. Click Add. The Add Software Upgrade Group window opens.
  2. Enter a name for the new software upgrade group.
  3. Select one or more satellite devices from the Select Devices tab that you want to be part of the software upgrade group. The Select Devices table lists the satellite devices and the available FPC slots in each of these that are not yet part of any other software upgrade groups.
  4. Click the FPC Range tab and select the FPCs that you want to add to the software upgrade group. To add a single FPC number, specify the number in From and click Add. To add a range of FPC numbers, enter the starting and ending FPC numbers in From and To respectively, and click Add. You can also add FPCs that are currently inactive to the software upgrade group.

    Network Director displays the FPC numbers that you added in the Selected FPC Number/Range table.

  5. Click the Preview tab to review the software upgrade group settings. You can click the Select Devices or FPC Range tabs to modify the configuration settings.
  6. Click Add to create the software upgrade group.

    Network Director lists the new software upgrade group in the Manage Software Upgrade Group page. You can now use the deploy image task to assign a software image to this software upgrade group and deploy the image to the devices that are part of the upgrade group. For details on selecting and deploying software images, see Deploying Software Images.

Edit a Software Upgrade Group

To edit a software upgrade group:

  1. Select a software upgrade group and click Edit.

    The Edit Software Upgrade group window opens.

  2. You can edit the FPC number and the FPC range.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.

View Details of a Software Upgrade Group

To view the details of a software upgrade group:

  1. Select a software upgrade group and click Details. The Software Upgrade Group Summary window opens displaying the members that are part of the upgrade group and the associated satellite image name.
  2. Click OK to close the summary window.

Delete a Software Upgrade Group

To delete a software upgrade group, select a software upgrade group and click Delete.