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Add a WLAN to a Site or a WLAN Template

You can create a site-level WLAN or add a WLAN to an organization-level WLAN template.

To add a WLAN to a site or WLAN template:

  1. Start from the organization level or site level as described below.
    • For an organization-level WLAN (in a WLAN template), select Organization > Wireless | WLAN Templates, then create a WLAN template or select an existing template. To add a WLAN to your template, click Add WLAN.

    • For a site-level WLAN, select Site > Wireless | WLANs, and then click Add WLAN.

  2. At minimum, enter an SSID name, select a Security Type, and set up VLAN(s).
  3. Enter other settings, as needed.
    Note: For tips about the various WLAN settings, see WLAN Options.
  4. Click Create at the bottom of the Create WLAN window.
    Juniper Mist generates a WLAN ID. Anytime that you need to look up this ID or edit your WLAN settings, simply click the WLAN in the WLAN list.

If you're working at the organization level (WLAN template), save the template. For help, see Configure a WLAN Template.