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AP Troubleshooting Overview

Read the topics in this section to learn how you can troubleshoot issues on your access point (AP) without opening a support ticket. You can use the status LED on your AP to determine some of the issues—for example, connectivity issues.

Here are some basic steps that you can perform to troubleshoot the AP:

  • Check the LED blinking pattern to identify possible errors. See What Does the AP Status LED Indicate?.

  • Check whether the AP is receiving power from the switch.

  • Check whether the connected switch can learn the MAC address of the AP.

  • Check whether the AP works correctly by using a different cable and different switch port.

  • Verify that the required ports are open on the firewall. See Firewall Configuration.

For issues related to claiming an AP, see Troubleshoot AP Claiming Issues.

For issues related to AP disconnection, see Troubleshoot AP Disconnection Issues.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, raise a support ticket. See Create a Support Ticket for instructions on how to raise a support ticket.