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View Your Installed Base

If you integrated your Juniper Account with your Juniper Mist organization, the Inventory page includes details about all Juniper products for your account.

Before You Begin

You must first link your Juniper account to Mist organization. See Integrate Your Juniper Account.


To view information about your installed base:

Select Organization > Inventory, and then select Installed Base.

Example - Installed Base

To quickly find a particular device:

Use the options at the top of the page.

  • Use the filter buttons for device models and connection status.

  • Enter keywords in the Filter box.

Other options on this page:

  • To adopt a device, click the Adopt Switches or the Adopt WAN Edges button. When you successfully adopt a device, it becomes cloud-connected. The cloud-connected devices are listed on the Switches or WAN Edges tab (depending on the device type), in addition to being listed on the Installed Base tab.

  • Use the table columns button to hide, show, and reorder the columns.

    Settings button
  • To download all of the information in a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file, click the Download button.


    On a Mac computer, any non-English characters in the file might appear as special characters. To avoid this issue, do not open the file directly. Instead, follow these steps:

    1. Open a new Excel file.

    2. Select File > Import > CSV file > Import.

    3. Select the file that you downloaded, and then click Get Data.

    4. In the Text Import Wizard, select Unicode (UTF-8) as File Origin.

    5. Click Finish.