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Admin Menu Overview

This guide covers the tasks that you can complete by using the Admin menu.

To find the Admin menu, select Organization from the left menu of the Juniper Mist™ portal.

Location of the Organization menu

The Admin menu includes these options:

  • Administrators—Add and manage portal users.

  • Audit Logs—View a complete record of logins.

  • Inventory—View information about all devices that in your organization.

  • Mobile SDK—Create and manage MobileSDK secret keys. Use the secret key to access your organization in the Juniper Mist SDK. For more information, see the Juniper Mist SDK Manuals for Android Devices and iOS Devices.

  • Settings—Set up your organization.

  • Site Configuration—Set up your sites.

  • Subscriptions—Manage your subscriptions and orders.


Most tasks on the Admin menu require a user account with the Super User or Network Admin role. For more information, see Portal User Roles.