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Location Troubleshooting

SUMMARY Use the information in this chapter to troubleshoot location issues.

What Do You Want to Do?

Table 1: Top Tasks

If you want to...

Use these resources:

Search for items on your floorplans.

Use Live View to look for APs, beacons, zones, and other elements. View details to check the settings.

Search in Live View

Use the RF Environment to investigate issues with location accuracy.

This tool helps you gain insight into what is going on with Mist SDK-enabled clients and named assets.

Troubleshoot Location Services Using the RF Environment

Check on AP coverage.

Check current coverage to see if you need to add APs.

View the Beam Density Coverage Map

Get help troubleshooting specific issues.

Explore the other topics in this chapter.

Get help from the Marvis conversational assistant.

If you have a Marvis subscription, use the conversational assistant for immediate insights into current conditions, and help resolving issues.

Marvis Conversational Assistant (topic in the Juniper Mist AI-Driven Operations Guide)