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Defining CoS Traffic Control Profiles (Priority Group Scheduling)

A traffic control profile defines the output bandwidth and scheduling characteristics of forwarding class sets (priority groups). The forwarding classes (which are mapped to output queues) contained in a forwarding class set (fc-set) share the bandwidth resources that you configure in the traffic control profile. A scheduler map associates forwarding classes with schedulers to define how the individual forwarding classes that belong to an fc-set share the bandwidth allocated to that fc-set.

The parameters you configure in a traffic control profile define the following characteristics for the fc-set:

  • guaranteed-rate—Minimum bandwidth, also known as the committed information rate (CIR). The guaranteed rate also determines the amount of excess (extra) port bandwidth that the fc-set can share. Extra port bandwidth is allocated among the fc-sets on a port in proportion to the guaranteed rate of each fc-set.


    You cannot configure a guaranteed rate for a, fc-set that includes strict-high priority queues. If the traffic control profile is for an fc-set that contains strict-high priority queues, do not configure a guaranteed rate.

  • shaping-rate—Maximum bandwidth, also known as the peak information rate (PIR).

  • scheduler-map—Bandwidth and scheduling characteristics for the queues, defined by mapping forwarding classes to schedulers. (The queue scheduling characteristics represent amounts or percentages of the fc-set bandwidth, not the amounts or percentages of total link bandwidth.)


Because a port can have more than one fc-set, when you assign resources to an fc-set, keep in mind that the total port bandwidth must serve all of the queues associated with that port.

To configure a traffic control profile using the CLI:

  1. Name the traffic control profile and define the minimum guaranteed bandwidth for the fc-set:

  2. Define the maximum bandwidth for the fc-set:

  3. Attach a scheduler map to the traffic control profile: