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Example: Configuring Drop Profile Maps

A drop-profile map associates weighted random early detection (WRED) profiles for traffic of specified packet loss priorities with a scheduler. When you use a scheduler map to map a scheduler to a forwarding class, the drop profile map associated with the scheduler applies the specified WRED drop profile to traffic in the forwarding class that matches the specified packet loss priority.

Configuring a Drop Profile Map

CLI Quick Configuration

To quickly configure a drop profile map, copy the following commands, paste them in a text file, remove line breaks, change variables and details to match your network configuration, and then copy and paste the commands into the CLI at the [edit] hierarchy level.

Step-by-Step Procedure

To configure a drop profile map:

  1. Configure the drop profile for low-priority traffic:

  2. Configure the drop profile for medium-high priority traffic:

  3. Configure the drop profile for high-priority traffic:


This example uses the following hardware and software components:

  • A Juniper Networks QFX3500 Switch

  • Junos OS Release 11.1 or later for the QFX Series or Junos OS Release 14.1X53-D20 or later for the OCX Series.


Drop profile maps enable you to configure different drop profiles for traffic of different packet loss priorities within the same scheduler. You can associate different drop profiles with low-priority, medium-high priority, and high-priority traffic within a single scheduler, and then map that scheduler to a forwarding class. This applies the appropriate drop profile to traffic of each loss priority in a forwarding class. Drop profile maps apply to all traffic protocols.

The following example describes how to configure a drop profile map for a scheduler named mylan that includes:

  • A drop profile called lp-profile for low-priority traffic

  • A drop profile called mh-profile for medium-high priority traffic

  • A drop profile called h-profile for high-priority traffic

You apply the drop profiles in the drop profile map to a forwarding class by associating the scheduler mylan with a forwarding class in a scheduler map.


Verifying the Drop Profile Map Configuration


Verify that you configured the drop profile map for the scheduler mylan with the correct loss priorities and drop profiles.


Verify the results of the drop profile map configuration using the operational mode command show configuration class-of-service schedulers mylan:


This example does not include configuring scheduler bandwidth and priority. This information (transmit rate, shaping rate, and priority) is shown for completeness.