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Reconfiguring a Remote Device for RDSM

In some circumstances you might need to reconfigure a remote device to manually provision all active subscriber services matching the access domain (list of VLAN ranges and IDs) to which this remote device belongs. The reconfiguration resynchronizes the device with all active (or in process) subscriber services that map to the access domain associated with the device.

For example, if a new remote device is connected to the BNG after subscriber sessions have been brought up on other remote devices in the same access domain and remote services have been provisioned on the devices. The new device is not provisioned at this point, and you would like it be provisioned as if it had been connected during the original service provisioning.

Another situation occurs when the NETCONF session to a provisioned remote device transitions to the down state and then back to the up state. From the perspective of the BNG, this is the same as if the device is new and connected to the BNG for the first time.

You can issue a reconfiguration request at any time when the remote device is up. Reconfiguration provisioning of services occurs in bulk. If the provisioning of one service fails, the entire bulk provisioning is considered a failure and any successfully provisioned services are rolled back. You must issue the command again.

To reconfigure service provisioning for a device:

  • Specify the device to be reconfigured.

The command indicates whether the action succeeds or fails.