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Applying a Rewrite Rule Definition to a Subscriber Interface in a Dynamic Profile

Rewrite rules define the marking for various CoS values, including DSCP, DSCP IPv6, IP precedence, and IEEE 802.1 CoS values. Rewrite rules have an associated forwarding class and code-point alias or bit set.


By default, subscriber lawful intercept does not intercept DHCP control packets that are generated by the routing engine. To ensure that a DHCP control packet generated by the routing engine is intercepted, you need to configure the ieee-802.1 rewrite-rule for VLAN demux.

For dynamic CoS, you define the rewrite rules mapping for the CoS values statically, then reference the rewrite rule configuration in the dynamic profile for the subscriber interface.

To configure a rewrite rule in a dynamic profile:

  1. Define the rewrite-rules mapping for the traffic that passes through all queues on the interface. The available rewrite-rules types for dynamic CoS are dscp, dscpv6, ieee-802.1 and inet-precedence.
  2. Apply the rewrite-rules definition to the subscriber interface in the dynamic profile.
  3. Configure the applicable rewrite rule markers in the dynamic profile.
    • For DSCP:

    • For DSCPv6:

    • For IEEE 802.1:

    • For inet-precedence: