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Applying a Classifier to a Subscriber Interface in a Dynamic Profile

You can apply the classification map to a subscriber interface in a dynamic profile.

For dynamic CoS, you define the classification map for the CoS values statically, then reference the classifier configuration in the dynamic profile for the subscriber interface.

To apply a classifier to an interface in a dynamic profile:

  1. Define the classifier.

    The available classifier types for dynamic CoS are dscp, dscp-ipv6, ieee-802.1, and inet-precedence.

    See Configuring Behavior Aggregate Classifiers.

  2. Apply the classifier definition to the subscriber interface in the dynamic profile.
  3. Configure the applicable classifiers in the dynamic profile.
    • For DSCP:

    • For DSCPv6:

    • For IEEE 802.1:

    • For inet-precedence: