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access-domain (Remote Device Management)


Hierarchy Level


Specify the Layer 2 domain that is served by the service device. The access domain represents the set of subscriber-facing Layer 2 locations that map to the device. You define the domain when you map subscribers to the device by configuring one or more non-overlapping outer VLAN ID ranges or discrete VLAN IDs that are served by the remote device. All BNG subscriber sessions with outer VLAN tags matching this list are connected to this remote device in the access network. During subscriber negotiation and provisioning, the BNG provisions remote services sourced by the policy server (PCRF) on this remote device.

You can configure the VLAN IDs as discrete values, even if they are consecutive; however, it is more practical to configure ranges of IDs with additional discrete VLAN IDs as needed. You can configure any number of ranges or discrete IDs; no limit is enforced.

The list of VLAN IDs can overlap across remote devices to support redundancy in the access network.


To specify more than one range or address in the list, place the values inside square brackets, separated by spaces. For example:


You do not have to specify an access domain (list of VLAN IDs) when you configure a service device. This means that a service device without the access domain can be connected and dynamically assigned an IP address. Then at some later point when the device needs to support subscriber connections, you can configure one or more VLAN IDs or ranges with the vlan-id-list statement.


You can add new VLAN Ids or ranges to the access domain at any time, even when the device has active subscriber services mapped to it. You cannot delete IDs or ranges when at least one active subscriber service is configured for that discrete VLAN ID or any VLAN ID in the range being deleted.

You can use the request services remote-device-management reconfigure service-device command to reconfigure a remote device to provision all active subscriber services matching the access domain.



(Optional) Lowest VLAN ID in the range,


(Optional) Highest VLAN ID in the range.


(Optional) Discrete VLAN ID that is not part of a range.

Required Privilege Level

system—To view this statement in the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 18.3R1.