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service-profile (L2TP)


Hierarchy Level


Configure one or more dynamic service profiles to be applied to subscriber sessions at activation for all subscribers in the specified tunnel group or on the specified LAC. Services are typically applied to L2TP sessions with RADIUS VSAs or CoA requests. In multivendor environments, you might use only standard attributes to simplify management of multiple vendor VSAs. This statement enables you to apply services without using an external authority such as RADIUS. The locally configured list of services (service profiles) serves as local authorization that is applied by authd during client session activation. This list of services is subject to the same validation and processing as services originating from an external authority, such as RADIUS.

You can optionally specify parameters that are passed to the corresponding service when it is activated for the session. The parameter might override values configured in the profile itself, such as a downstream shaping rate for a CoS service. This enables you to use the same service profile for multiple situations with different requirements, or to modify a previously applied value for a service.

You can still use RADIUS VSAs or CoA requests together with the service profiles. If services are sourced from an external authority as authorization during authentication or during subscriber session provisioning (activation), the services from the external authority take strict priority over those in the local configuration. If a service applied with RADIUS is the same as a service applied with a service profile in the CLI, but with different parameters, the RADIUS service is applied with a new session ID and takes precedence over the earlier service profile.

When service profiles are configured on a LAC client and on a tunnel group that uses that LAC client, the LAC configuration overrides the tunnel group configuration. Only the service profile configured on the LAC client is applied to subscribers in the tunnel group.



Name of a dynamic service profile that defines a service to be applied to L2TP subscriber sessions. You can specify one or more service profiles, separated by an ampersand (&).


(Optional) Value to be passed to the service when it is activated on the subscriber session.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 18.1R1 on MX Series routers.