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Understanding AAA Profiles

An AAA profile is a collection of attributes to specify how the Junos Subscriber Aware PCEF interacts with RADIUS servers that control the activation and deactivation of policy and charging control (PCC) rules. An AAA profile is assigned to a subscriber’s policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF) profile, which specifies the PCC rulebases for the subscriber.

Network Elements

In the AAA profile, you specify a network element (load-balanced RADIUS server group) to be used for authorization of policy control. If the RADIUS servers in a Network Element cannot initiate a change of authorization (CoA) request without an accounting record, then the AAA profile must specify the network element for accounting as well as for authorization, and the AAA profile must enable CoA accounting.

RADIUS Attributes That Carry Rulebase Names for Activation and Deactivation

You can specify the RADIUS AVPs that carry the PCC rulebase names for activation or deactivation. By default, the PCC rulebase name for activations is carried in the ERX-Service-Activate Juniper vendor-specific attributes (VSA). By default, the PCC rulebase name for deactivations is carried in the ERX-Service-Deactivate Juniper VSA.