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Override a MAC Limit Applied to All Interfaces

If you set a MAC limit in your port security settings to apply to all interfaces on the EX Series switch, you can override that setting for a particular interface by specifying action the none.

To use the none action to override a MAC limit setting:

  1. Set the MAC limit for all interfaces to have a limit of, for example, 5 using the action drop:
  2. Then change the action for one interface (here, ge-0/0/2) with this command. You don't need to specify a limit value.

In MX and SRX Series Firewalls, the 1 and 10-Gigabit SFP or SFP+ optical interfaces are always named as xe even if a 1-Gigabit SFP is inserted. However, in EX and QFX series devices, the interface name is shown as ge or xe based on the speed of the optical device inserted.