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OpenFlow Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the operational mode commands that you can use to monitor and troubleshoot OpenFlow operations on an OpenFlow-enabled device running Junos OS. Commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1: OpenFlow Operational Mode Commands



show openflow capability

Display support information for OpenFlow features, actions, and match conditions on the device.

show openflow controller

Display OpenFlow controller information and status.

show openflow filters

Display information for filters bound to OpenFlow interfaces.

show openflow flows

Display OpenFlow flow information.

show openflow groups

Display OpenFlow groups information.

show openflow interfaces

Display physical characteristics and status information for interfaces participating in OpenFlow.

show openflow statistics flows

Display statistics for OpenFlow flow entries.

show openflow statistics groups

Display statistics for OpenFlow groups.

show openflow statistics interfaces

Display statistics for interfaces participating in OpenFlow.

show openflow statistics packet

Display statistics for packet-in and packet-out actions.

show openflow statistics queue

Display statistics for OpenFlow queues in hardware.

show openflow statistics summary

Display summary statistics for all OpenFlow flows.

show openflow statistics tables

Display statistics for OpenFlow flow tables.

show openflow summary

Display summary information for OpenFlow flows.

show openflow switch

Display OpenFlow message statistics for OpenFlow virtual switches.