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Configuring Route Filters and Source Classes in a Routing Policy

Begin configuring SCU by creating prefix route filters in a policy statement. These prefixes indicate the IPv4 or IPv6 source addresses to monitor. Within the policy statement, you must define and name the source classes attached to the filters.


When configuring policy action statements, you can configure only one source class for each matching route. In other words, more than one source class cannot be applied to the same route.

An alternate configuration method, using the forwarding-class policy action, is even more flexible. It allows your IPv4 or IPv6 route filters to apply to an SCU profile, a DCU profile, or both simultaneously. Additionally, if you have only one term, you can implement the from and then statements at the [edit policy-options policy-statement policy-name] hierarchy level.

A third option is the existing DCU parameter of destination-class. For more information on DCU, see the Junos Policy Framework Configuration Guide.