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Associating an Accounting Profile with SCU Classes

Once your source classes are defined, implemented on the inbound and outbound interfaces, and applied to the forwarding table, you are ready to associate the source class with an accounting profile. Configure the accounting profile at the [edit accounting-options class-usage-profile] hierarchy level. You can associate either an SCU source class or a DCU destination class with the accounting profile. You can also specify the filename for the data capture, a class usage profile name, and an interval (in minutes) indicating how often you want the SCU information to be saved to the file.


SCU accounting occurs on the outbound interface before output filter processing. If an SCU-marked packet is discarded in the router, the SCU counters can indicate more traffic than actually exists. You must use filter counters or traceoptions logs to ensure that all packets dropped by the SCU filter are recorded. If logged, you can subtract the discarded packets from the SCU counter tallies and calculate the true traffic profile.

Because DCU accounting occurs after the filtering process, DCU is unaffected by this disclaimer.