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Example: Configuring Filtering of Frames by Packet Loss Priority

To configure an MX Series router firewall filter to provide matching on the packet loss priority (PLP) level carried in the frame, use the loss-priority or loss-priority-except match condition. Packet loss priority matching is available for all protocols. For more detailed information about configuring firewall filters and configuring filter match conditions for Layer 2 bridging traffic on the MX Series routers, see the Routing Policies, Firewall Filters, and Traffic Policers User Guide.


Layer 2 bridging is supported only on the MX Series routers. For more information about how to configure Layer 2 bridging, see the Junos OS Routing Protocols Library for Routing Devices.

This example Layer 2 bridging firewall filter finds any incoming frames with a packet loss priority (PLP) level of medium-high, and then classifies the packet in the expedited-forwarding default forwarding class.


This example does not present exhaustive configuration listings for all routers in the figures. However, you can use this example with a broader configuration strategy to complete the MX Series router network Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) configurations.

To configure filtering of frames by packet loss priority:

  1. Configure the firewall filter filter-plp-configure-forwarding:

  2. Configure a Layer 2 bridging domain bd for the ge-0/0/0 interface (that has already been configured at the [edit interfaces] hierarchy level):

  3. Apply the filter filter-plp-configure-forwarding as an input filter to the ge-0/0/0 interface: