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Using Variables for Layer 2 Traffic Policing at the Pseudowire Overview

To reduce the number of dynamic profiles needed to police traffic at the core, you can use a variable for the output policer in your dynamic profiles. The variable that you define is called junos-layer2-output-policer. The variable is a placeholder that gets filled in when the dynamic profile obtains the value from the routing instance.

To use variables for policers for Layer 2 pseudowires:

  1. Create policers.

  2. Create a dynamic profile and add a profile variable set to the dynamic profile.

  3. In the profile variable set, assign a value to the junos-layer2-output-policer variable. This value is the name of one of your policers.

  4. In the dynamic profile interface configuration at the [edit dynamic-profiles profile-name interfaces "$junos-interface-ifd-name" unit "$junos-underlying-interface-unit"] hierarchy, assign junos-layer2-output-policer as one of your Layer 2 policers.

  5. When you attach the dynamic profile to a routing instance, assign the profile variable set that you configured in the dynamic profile as the associate-profile value.

  6. Attach the dynamic profile and the profile variable set to the routing instance.