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Layer 2 Traffic Policing at the Pseudowire Overview

This feature limits traffic that is sent over the core by policing traffic at the Layer 2 pseudowire level. It uses dynamic profiles to attach two- or three-color policers to pseudowire logical interfaces. You apply the dynamic profiles to core-facing egress interfaces so that they can police unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic that is going over the MPLS core network.


Pseudowire policer statistics collected by the Routing Engine, kernel, and Packet Forwarding Engine can be displayed on the Routing Engine when you execute the show interfaces command.

Figure 1 shows an MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform configured as a provider edge (PE) router. It communicates with other PE routers over pseudowires. It can aggregate both unicast and multicast traffic and send it over pseudowires. To limit traffic over the pseudowires, you can set up policers on each pseudowire that faces the MPLS core network.

Figure 1: Limiting Traffic to the Core Using Layer 2 Policers at the Pseudowire LevelLimiting Traffic to the Core Using Layer 2 Policers at the Pseudowire Level

This feature is supported only on pseudowire logical interfaces at the egress. It is not supported on tunnel interfaces.