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Forwarding Table Filters for Routing Instances on ACX Series Routers

Forwarding table filter is a mechanism by which all the packets forwarded by a certain forwarding table are subjected to filtering and if a packet matches the filter condition, the configured action is applied on the packet. You can use the forwarding table filter mechanism to apply a filter on all interfaces associated with a single routing instance with a simple configuration. You can apply a forwarding table filter to a routing instance of type forwarding and also to the default routing instance inet.0. To configure a forwarding table filter, include the filter filter-name statement at the [edit firewall family <inet | inet6>] hierarchy level.

The following limitations apply to forwarding table filters configured on routing instances:

  • You cannot attach the same filter to more than one routing instance.

  • You cannot attach the same filter at both the [edit interfaces interface-name family <inet | inet6> filter input filter-name] and [edit routing-instances instance-name forwarding-options family <inet | inet6> filter input filter-name] hierarchy level.

  • You cannot attach a filter that is either interface-specific or a physical interface filter.

  • You cannot attach a filter to the egress direction of routing instances.