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Routing Protocols

  • Enhancements to show ospf spring and show ospf database commands (ACX7024, ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509, PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016)—In Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, we've enhanced the show ospf spring and show ospf database commands to display the following additional segment-routing information:

    • show ospf spring sid-database—Displays the segment identifier (SID) database with the prefix and index of native segment routing nodes.

    • show ospf spring prefix-sid-map—Displays segment routing mapping server (SRMS) advertisements.

    • show ospf database opaque-area ext-link link-addr <link-address>—Displays the specific extended-link link-state advertisements (LSAs) based on the link address.

    • show ospf database opaque-area ext-prefix prefix <prefix/len>—Displays the specific extended-prefix LSA based on the prefix.

    [See show ospf database, show-ospf-spring-sid-database, show-ospf-spring-prefix-sid-map].

  • Support for configuring interface groups in BGP flowspec filters (ACX7024, ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, and ACX7509)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, you can group multiple interfaces and include that interface group in or exclude it from BGP flowspec filters.

    [See Understanding BGP Flow Routes for Traffic Filtering and Configuring BGP Flow Specification Action Redirect to IP to Filter DDoS Traffic.]

  • Support for BGP-LS NLRI to carry confederation ID (ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509, ACX7024, PTX10008, and QFX5700)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, Junos OS Evolved enables BGP Link State (BGP-LS) network layer reachability information (NLRI) to carry the confederation ID in TLV 512 when BGP confederation is enabled. The NLRI carries the confederation ID along with the member autonomous system number (AS number) in TLV 517 as defined in RFC 9086. In releases before Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, BGP-LS NLRI carries only the member AS number in TLV 512 and the confederation ID is not encoded in the lsdist.0 routing table.

    [See Link-State Distribution Using BGP Overview.]